Levelers for Parts

For perfect flatness and low residual stresses

The flatness of sheet metal products is becoming increasingly important. In addition to optical requirements, an increasing number of demanding conditions are set in terms of flatness for functional reasons.

These constraints do not only apply to sheet metal strips but also to sheet metal parts and plates. As a leveler specialist, SCHNUTZ is aware of these requirements.

For customers requiring a parts leveler, SCHNUTZ has drawn on its many years of experience to develop a new parts leveler. With this in mind, SCHNUTZ has applied its proven concept of high-efficiency leveler in consistence with this special field of application.

The prime design principle implies an extremely rigid design of the machine body. Only a correspondingly rigid design can guarantee that the adjustments made can actually be used for forming the process material and that they do not only compensate for deformations on the machine body.

Tailor-made solution using modular series

Optimal leveling results can be achieved only, if the size of the parts leveler is perfectly adapted to the range of products. In particular, the leveling roll diameter and the material thickness should be matching.

SCHNUTZ offers, for this purpose, a modular machine series, with a wide range of applications for material thicknesses ranging from 0.4 to more than 40 mm.

It is possible to level all metallic materials that have plastic deformability.

The SCHNUTZ parts leveler is available in different widths and with different leveling roll diameters so that you can find a suitable machine for each leveling task.



Material thickness  mm
Range  mm
Yield strength  N/mm²
Belt speed  m/min


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